Les Jamelles' new packaging (pic: Les Jamelles)

Les Jamelles' new packaging (pic: Les Jamelles)

Les Jamelles, a pioneer in the world of varietal wine, is celebrating a monumental 25 years of presence in Asia.

Les Jamelles, a pioneer in the world of varietal wine, is celebrating a monumental 25 years of presence in Asia, reflecting on a journey marked by innovation, passion, and unparalleled success.

Established in 1995 by the dynamic duo of Laurent and Catherine Delaunay, the husband and wife team behind Badet Clément, Les Jamelles has carved a niche for itself, not just in its homeland of France but across the globe.

Natives of Burgudny, the Delaunays were captivated by Languedoc’s diverse array of terroirs and grape varieties, inspiring them to create a unique and revolutionary brand of varietal wines. At a time when the market had scarce offerings of complete ranges of varietal wines, Les Jamelles emerged as a trailblazer, presenting a novel experience to wine enthusiasts.

Today it makes 35 wines using 26 varietals, making it the largest varietal wine range in Pay d’Oc. With over 400 hectares of vineyards, Les Jamelles wines are exported to more than 45 countries.

The first market in Asia for the brand was Hong Kong and it began 25 years ago, thanks to the endeavors of Olivier Hui-Bon-Hoa. Olivier reminisces, “Early 1998 the first bottle of Jamelles landed in Hong Kong…the rest is history!” He first crossed paths with Laurent and Catherine Delaunay in 1997 and played a pivotal role in establishing Les Jamelles in Hong Kong. The wine became a hit on-trade and today imported by Links Concept, it is among the most popular wine-by-the-glass programs in Hong Kong.

“I am still excited to see how Les Jamelles wines continue expanding across the Asia region,” Olivier shares, reflecting on the brand’s expansive growth and enduring appeal in the Asian market. From Hong Kong, Les Jamelles expanded its presence in Asia. It is now exported to 12 Asian markets except Malaysia and Indonesia.

This year also marked the relaunch of Les Jamelles, a first since its inception 28 years ago, marking a significant chapter in its illustrious history. This comprehensive makeover encompasses a rejuvenated philosophy, vibrant packaging, and an enriched array of 26 varietal wines.

Catherine Delaunay (pic: Les Jamelles)
Catherine Delaunay (pic: Les Jamelles)

Catherine’s extensive knowledge of the Languedoc region’s grape varieties and terroirs, her mastery in blending and maturation, and her modern rendition of the southern French joie de vivre have been the pillars of Les Jamelles’ expressive, balanced, and approachable style, ensuring the brand’s successful longevity.

Catherine Delaunay, reflecting on her journey and aspirations, stated, “My ambition is to showcase the Pays d’Oc’s grape varieties and their terroirs with a unique collection: Les Jamelles. For 30 years, this has been the basis of my passion.”

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