Catherine, Jeanne and Laurent Delaunay (pic: Delaunay Vins & Domaines)

Catherine, Jeanne and Laurent Delaunay (pic: Delaunay Vins & Domaines)

French wine group Badet Clement is rebranded and ushered in a new 6th generation winemaker.

In a strategic pivot, renowned French wine group Badet Clément has unveiled its rebranding as “Delaunay Vins & Domaines” during a high-profile event at Club Automobile de Paris. The event also spotlighted Jeanne Delaunay, ushering her in as the sixth-generation winemaker and a new era for the group.

Jeanne joins as the company’s third family winemaker, taking the reins of their premium Languedoc brand, Abbotts & Delaunay. Jeanne’s involvement, they shared, signifies the start of a “new era and a new vision” for the family business.

Reflecting on the evolution, Laurent Delaunay said, “In Delaunay Vins & Domaines we at last have a name which not only coherently reflects the image of all our brands, our wines, and our domaines but also legitimately combines our joint and quite rare identity as both Languedociens and Burgundians.”

Laurent continued, “With the arrival into the business of our daughter Jeanne, we have not only renamed but also restructured the company to focus on our three core brands; Les Jamelles, Abbotts & Delaunay from the Languedoc, and Edouard Delaunay in Burgundy, with each one now headed up by a family winemaker member, Catherine, Jeanne and myself respectively.”

Jeanne Delaunay (pic: Delaunay Vins & Domaines)
Jeanne Delaunay (pic: Delaunay Vins & Domaines)

Jeanne Delaunay, who brings with her a rich experience from stints at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Sonoma, Burgundy’s Romanée Conti, and Thibault Liger-Belair, will be at the forefront of Abbotts & Delaunay’s revitalization. She aims not only to oversee vinification but also to shape the brand’s strategic and marketing direction.

She expressed her enthusiasm, “I’m very excited to be joining Delaunay Vins & Domaines! My main objectives for the brand are to continue to evolve the style of these haut-couture wines made on exceptional Languedoc terroirs but in a Burgundy way.” Additionally, Jeanne will spearhead Delaunay Vins & Domaines’ CSR policy, reflecting her deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Today, Delaunay Vins & Domaines boasts impressive figures, with a turnover of €64 million and distribution of 15 million bottles across more than 55 countries. With these latest developments, the Delaunay family gears up for their next exciting chapter in the ever-evolving world of wine.

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