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The Most Trustworthy Website on The Wine Market in China is created with the goal to become the most authoritative and trustworthy news website on Asia and China’s wine market. It is the only English news media created to cover the wine market in China and the rest of Asia. Its English website provides exclusive news and analysis on the region’s dynamic and often complicated wine market.

Based in Hong Kong, the media company is run and managed by a group of Chinese wine journalists in Hong Kong and mainland China. The company also publishes wine contents in Chinese through WeChat account ‘悦聊酒VinoJoyNews’ for Chinese language readers. Today, Vino Joy News is regarded by wine professionals as the leading and most trustworthy source on China’s wine industry.

Website At a Traffic At a Glance

Since our launch in May 2019, our website has grown significantly in website traffic and unique visitors, thanks to our most updated, in-depth and reliable coverage on the wine industry in China, Hong Kong and rest of Asia.

“Vino Joy News is the most
authoritative and trustworthy
news website on China’s wine
industry. “

Website Audience

My Most Frequent Visitors

We have a commitment to high quality journalism and production values in our
news coverage, weekly newsletter as well as Facebook and WeChat posts.
By the end of 2020, the website enjoys a monthly average website pageview of 30,000 and is read by more than 20,000 trade professionals mainly in Asia, Europe, US, Australia and rest of
the world. So far, in 2021, our monthly traffic has already seen another 30% growth.

Our weekly Asia newsletter is sent out to roughly 14,000 wine trade professionals including wine
importers, retailers, and sommeliers. Our official WeChat account now has over 3,000 followers.

Our Clients

Since our launch in 2019, we have grown and
worked with some of the most prestigious
brand owners, wine organizations in the wine
industry and government bodies. They include
Italy’s biggest biodynamic winery Avignonesi,
Argentina’s iconic Catena Zapata winery,
France’s leading wine groups DBR Lafite and
Badet Clement to name a few, as well as
ProWine, Wine to Asia, Business Franc and

In 2021, we managed to retain our clients
and even expanded our clientele to include partnerships with Italian Consulate
of Hong Kong and China’s biggest wine
importer ASC Fine Wines.

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