Douyin is the most popular short video app in China (illustration: Vino Joy News)
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China’s most influential drinks influencers on Douyin

China's most popular short video app Douyin has revealed top drinks influencers on its platform. Find out all here.

Douyin, the sister app of TikTok owned by ByteDance, is the most used short video app in China. Boasting over 600 million daily users, the platform is both a powerful social media platform and an e-commerce destination that connect brand owners with shoppers through its powerful live-streaming. 

Livestreaming, a live shopping broadcast pioneered by China’s biggest e-commerce giant Alibaba, is now responsible for RMB 2 trillion (US$313 billion) of goods sold in 2021. But Alibaba’s lead in the category has been slowly chiseled away by its main competitor Bytedance-owned Douyin. 

Douyin has disclosed its top drinks KOLs on its platform in 2021 (pic: Vino Joy News)
Douyin has disclosed its top drinks KOLs on its platform in 2021 (pic: Vino Joy News)

As we have reported about Douyin’s plan to build its own e-commerce platform for wine and spirits, we have profiled and rounded up here its top influencers in drinks category based on ranking from Bytedance’s annual white paper on drinks industry in 2021. The list includes some familiar names such as Lady Penguin, but the popular wine influencer only has a quarter of followers from the platform’s No.1 drinks KOL.

From a top influencer dubbed as “Li Jiaqi of the drinks world” for his ability to sell thousands of wine and spirits within minutes akin to the lipstick king to powerful bartenders who are attracting millions of fans, here are Douyin’s top influencers that are courted by followers, marketers and brand owners. 

It’s worthy to note that compared with the platform’s more popular fashion and cosmetics categories, drinks category still remains less contested. In 2020, wine-centered accounts with over 10,000 followers are only about 1500 on the platform. This was already an increase of 329% from previous year.

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