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Bucket list for Italian wine aficionados

For Italian wine lovers who want to go beyond Barolos and Brunellos, here are 10 wines that will delight your palate.

Ocone Vino Eutius Pezza 2016

Ocone Vino Eutius Pezza (pic: Ocone)
Ocone Vino Eutius Pezza (pic: Ocone)

Ocone (“Oh-kone-eh”) is a small, family winery situated in Ponte, Campania region, outside of Naples, on the rocky foothills of Mount Taburno. Guiseppe Ocone founded the winery in 1910 and began bottling his own wines at a time when most Campania wineries simply sold bulk to the north.

In the 1960s, his son Luigi distinguished Ocone from other producers by focusing on the region’s near forgotten indigenous grapes such as Aglianico, Greco and Falanghina. The vines here are all cultivated organically. In 2017, the winery was sold to Giorgio and Roberta Vergona, a local couple, who with their three children have restarted generational history at Ocone. Their goal is to continue the Ocone family’s legacy by producing wines in a fresh, clean style balanced by tradition.

This is a 100% Aglianico, complex and robust that reveals dark cherries, plums, earth, and leather notes.

The wine is available in Hong Kong through Vino Veritas Asia Limited.

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