China wine imports (pic: iStock)

Wine imports in China are dropping (pic: istock image)

China's top 10 wine importing countries in 2020 have been revealed. All experienced downturns as expected except one country. Find out who they are.

No. 7 USA

USA flag (pic: file photo)

American wine exports to mainland China as expected continued to plunge, as China’s punitive tariffs on American wines of more than 90% are still in place. China imported about 20 million euros worth of American wines last year, a drop of 41% over 2019, signaling that retaliatory tariffs will continue to deter merchants in China from sourcing California wines.

The import value is less than one third of its peak seen in 2017 when 72 million euros worth of American wines were shipped to China before the punitive tariffs were levied in 2018.

The tariffs imposed on American wines were first announced in 2018, as Beijing and Washington are locked in trade war. With the new Biden administration, it’s not yet clear if the two sides will lower temperature and reverse course.

US earlier this year suspended 25% punitive tariffs on EU wines, a sign of relief for the wine trade. It’s not clear if that will be extended to China.

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  1. Dear Natalie, thanks for your article … if possible could you mention the source of your data (value of China import for each country and if the number related only to below 2 litre bottled wine or wine category as whole thus including bulk …..

      1. Hi Natalie, thanks for fast reply … by chance do you have access to data for bottled wine (without bulk and sparkling) … before i remember CAWS publishes … many thanks indeed

  2. Thanks Natalie, this is fascinating reading, and it will be very interesting as to how the market in China for imported wines changes in the next 2 to 3 years.

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