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China’s top 10 wine importing countries in 2020

China's top 10 wine importing countries in 2020 have been revealed. All experienced downturns as expected except one country. Find out who they are.

Perhaps no other leading wine markets had experienced a sharp contraction of wine consumption as big as China had seen last year during the pandemic.

The world’s top 5 wine markets (US, France, Italy, Germany and UK ) all held their own and reported stable and positive growth in wine consumption despite the pandemic, based on data released by OIV this week. China though the sixth biggest wine consumer in the world, suffered a 17.4% drop, consequentially dragging down global wine consumption last year by 3%, according to OIV.

“The strict lockdown measures in the first quarter of the year certainly played a role. However, considering that this is a sharp decline for the third consecutive year, the rapid growth in wine consumption that started at the beginning of the century seems at its end,” OIV explains in its latest State of the World Vinicultural Sector in 2020.

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China’s wine consumption and imports both suffered significant drops in pandemic (pic: iStock)

Similarly, the country’s wine imports during the pandemic year took a nose dive, down by 27% in value terms to €1.6 billion over 2019 despite its early containment of the virus spread, according to data released by Chinese customs.

Brisk off-trade sales that in many Western countries that compensated loss in on-trade failed to translate its success in China, where wine drinking as a pastime or part of dining experience is not yet ingrained in people’s daily routines.

There are reasons to be optimistic though, as importers within China are reporting an uptick in on-trade wine sales in the first quarter of the year, but uncertainties such as China’s 218% punitive tariffs on its biggest wine supplier Australia will continue to affect market dynamics.

For now, here are the top 10 wine exporters to China last year. Admittedly, all experienced downturns except one country.

South Africa’s export ban on wine during the pandemic dealt a costly blow to the country’s wine industry. In China, that resulted in South Africa slipping out of the top 10 list. Also absent on the list is Georgia, which had seen strong momentum in the past few years. Scroll through each page to see details.

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  1. I think that your info on San Pedro is not accurate
    No news about being sold
    Please clarify

  2. vdonatiello

    Dear Natalie, thanks for your article … if possible could you mention the source of your data (value of China import for each country and if the number related only to below 2 litre bottled wine or wine category as whole thus including bulk …..

    • Hi, the data is from Chinese customs and it includes bottled and bulk wines.

      • vdonatiello

        Hi Natalie, thanks for fast reply … by chance do you have access to data for bottled wine (without bulk and sparkling) … before i remember CAWS publishes … many thanks indeed

      • vdonatiello

        Hi Natalie, i hope i am not abusing of your expertise … while i was looking for data on China import of bottled wine (below 2 litre) i used to check this site [ ] but seems it has not updates … maybe u are aware of some other source …

  3. Kevin Wilson

    Thanks Natalie, this is fascinating reading, and it will be very interesting as to how the market in China for imported wines changes in the next 2 to 3 years.

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