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China’s top 10 wine importing countries in 2020

China's top 10 wine importing countries in 2020 have been revealed. All experienced downturns as expected except one country. Find out who they are.

No. 2 France

French flag (pic: file photo)
French flag (pic: file photo)

About 447 million euros of French wines were shipped to China last year, about 27% of China’s overall wine imports. This however represents a 29% year-on-year drop.

After China announced punitive tariffs on Australian wine, this prompted importers to quickly look for substitutes. Many without surprise looked to France which had long been China’s top wine supplier until being overtaken by Australia in 2019.

This was confirmed by Business France. In an interview, Adrien Boussard, the wine and spirits sector spokesman for Business France, revealed French wine exports were picking up late last year, in part because of demand from China.

In 2020, French wine exports sank by 11% in value to 8.7 billion euros, due to US tariffs and Covid-19, with Champagne taking the hardest hit (-18%).

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  1. I think that your info on San Pedro is not accurate
    No news about being sold
    Please clarify

  2. vdonatiello

    Dear Natalie, thanks for your article … if possible could you mention the source of your data (value of China import for each country and if the number related only to below 2 litre bottled wine or wine category as whole thus including bulk …..

    • Hi, the data is from Chinese customs and it includes bottled and bulk wines.

      • vdonatiello

        Hi Natalie, thanks for fast reply … by chance do you have access to data for bottled wine (without bulk and sparkling) … before i remember CAWS publishes … many thanks indeed

      • vdonatiello

        Hi Natalie, i hope i am not abusing of your expertise … while i was looking for data on China import of bottled wine (below 2 litre) i used to check this site [ ] but seems it has not updates … maybe u are aware of some other source …

  3. Kevin Wilson

    Thanks Natalie, this is fascinating reading, and it will be very interesting as to how the market in China for imported wines changes in the next 2 to 3 years.

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