Moon inspired cocktail menu at Darkside (pic: Darkside)

Moon inspired cocktail menu at Darkside (pic: Darkside)

DarkSide at Rosewood Hong Kong is debuting a new cocktail men inspired by "the eight phases of the moon and their mystical powers" for the city's moon gazing cocktail crowds.

“WAXING CRESCENT – Fresh Energy”

Waxing Cresent (pic: Darkside)
Waxing Crescent (pic: Darkside)

The Waxing Crescent phase is the moon’s first step towards fullness, consistent with a build-up of personal energy. 

The matching stirred cocktail is based loosely on an Old Fashioned with a Remy Martin VSOP cognac base. Nuttiness from tonka beans interacts with the complexity of Graham’s Fine Ruby Port wine and Bourgoin Pineau des Charentes. The aromatic cocktail is served in a teacup with a block of ice and spritzes of myrrh mist.

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