Sichuan province (pic: istock)

Sichuan province (pic: istock)

There's more to the ancient city of Chengdu than fluffy pandas and spicy food. Wine, for a start, is something that consumers and wine trade should get excited about.

Le wine bar

Le Wine Bar has moved from its old location in Qing Lian Shang Street to its current location on Da Chuan Alley. Its space has since expanded, so has its wine list.

During the day, it acts as a cafe serving coffee, bakery and snacks. When night falls it transforms into a buzzing meeting point for the city’s wine lovers and drinkers to share glasses of wines, beers and whiskies. The bar is rather popular hangout place for millennials and young work professionals, and has one of the highest foot traffic in Da Chuan Alley, partly because it has frequent promotions such as all-you-can-drink menu of quaffable Spanish cava and ladies night on Wednesdays.

Its wine list is heavy on Bordeaux wines and Australian Shiraz.

There are a few other bars worth mentioning such as the swanky BAR π, a stylish speakeasy bar, Bar Lotus, Omerta Cafe and Bar, and the artsy Little Pub. These mainly focus on cocktails and other spirits, hence we did not lavish on them. A few old favorite wine bars in Chengdu did not make on the list, as they are either permanently closed or still temporarily suspended from operation due to economic uncertainties such as Vino, VinoHouse and the natural wine heavy 18° Bistro.

Address: Hejiangting No.9-17, Da Chuan Alley

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