Sichuan province (pic: istock)

Sichuan province (pic: istock)

There's more to the ancient city of Chengdu than fluffy pandas and spicy food. Wine, for a start, is something that consumers and wine trade should get excited about.

Bu’er Music Restaurant and Bar

When Bu’er Music Bar was founded, it was created with two things in mind: folk music and wine. Its first location near the historic Jiuyan bridge, a popular tourist spot and local hangout first built in China’ Ming Dynasty in 1593, the bar owner noticed that all neighbouring pubs and bars are serving beers, cocktails and spirits but none was specialised in wine. The owner thus decided to make wine its signature, something that would differentiate the bar from the rest in the neighourhood.

It proved to be a success. The bar sells about 2,000 bottles of wines a month. According to Chinese language media reports, wine selection at the bar follows a few cardinal rules aside from focusing on quality. The team at Bu’er usually pick wines with noticeable bottlings and easy to remember names, as some argue long alphabetic names from Italy or Germany for instance deterred their wines popularity in mainland market. Additionally, wines that are easy to pair with local cuisine with good value are more likely to be selected on their menu.

Bu’er has now branched out to a few locations in Chengdu and outside of the Sichuan capital to Hunan, Shaanxi, Qinghai provinces. It currently has six locations across China, and one new bar is coming up soon in Nanjing in Zhejiang as well.

The bar was temporarily closed during Covid, but has reopened now.

More information on the bar can be found on WeChat by searching “不二民谣音乐餐吧”.

Address: Si Guan Road 66, Jiuyan bridge

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