Sichuan province (pic: istock)

Sichuan province (pic: istock)

There's more to the ancient city of Chengdu than fluffy pandas and spicy food. Wine, for a start, is something that consumers and wine trade should get excited about.


This wine bar is a favorite among Chengdu wine lovers, offering value-for-money bottles of roughly 120 brands from 13 countries. Its founder, Chen Wei, from Shanghai left behind an art career for a more relaxing lifestyle in Chengdu to create this bar franchise.

Similar to Bu’er, Vinoteka has its pulse on the music scene as well, offering more Jazz tunes and live Jazz performances. The bar is often packed with revelers, glasses in hand, wining and dining to the smooth jazz tones. It has become one of the glitziest hangout places among Chengdu’s affluent nouveau riche and more recently millennials and jazz music fans.

Its Taikoo Li location has been closed but wine lovers can still find the familiar list of wines at its new location in Hejiangting opposite of Taikoo Li near Shangri-la Hotel. It has also branched out and opened another bar in neighboring metropolis Chongqing of the same name.

Food here mainly focuses on western cuisine such as tapas, cheese platters, steaks, fish fillet, foie gras, and iberico hams.

More information on the wine bar can be found on WeChat by following their official WeChat account “VINOTEKA爵士俱乐部”.

Address: Tower 3, Chengdu IFS, No.1, Section 3, Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District

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