In Hong Kong's dynamic wine world, Carol Duval-Leroy unveiled the house's much anticipated 2002 Femme de Champagne; TWE united Watson's Wine for Napa wines and Chef David Thompson brought his Thai flair for Grand Gelinaz Shuffle.

Chef David Thompson of Thai restaurant Aaharn put his own flair into this year’s Grand Gelinaz Shuffle, a bold culinary initiative born in 2015 where some of the world’s most renowned chefs would swap kitchens and recipes for unparalleled dining experiences.

Thompson put his signature Thai twist to a Colombian menu by chef Leonor Espinosa of Leo and Misia. His resulting 8-course menu is full of Thai flavours which included a spicy Northern-Thai style beef tartare, grilled hamachi wrapped in Thai banana leaf, traditionally stewed pork with peanuts and a dessert using Thailand’s ubiquitous jackfruit.

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