James Harden in disblief (pic: Screengrab)

James Harden in disblief (pic: Screengrab)

How much wine can NBA star James Harden sell with 14 seconds? Apparently 10,000 bottles!

NBA star James Harden was left stunned after witnessing Chinese fans snapping up an impressive 10,000 bottles of his self-branded wine within mere seconds during a livestream event, underscoring the power of China’s livestreaming.

The Philadelphia 76ers guard participated in a livestream hosted by online celebrity Crazy Brother Yang on Tuesday. The purpose was to promote his recently launched J-Harden brand wine, which just became available in China.  

The NBA star is the latest to join a roaster of athletes who have launched their own wines including Steph Curry and Dwyane Wade.

Before the sale started Harden confessed to the livestreamer his daily wines from a single store would be just a few cases. Yang then urged the star to witness the speed at which they could move the product. Harden, leaning back with arms crossed, responded with a simple “Show me.”

With anticipation building, Yang announced, “Ready? Go!” In a jaw-dropping 14 seconds, he exclaimed, “Stop!”

With 15 million viewers tuned in to watch the sale, within seconds 5000 orders were placed for his RMB RMB 436 (US$60) wine package of two. The whirlwind sales frenzy translates to an impressive sale of US$300,000 on Douyin.

In disbelief, Harden monitored the proceedings on a computer monitor before breaking into laughter and applause, exclaiming, “No way!” followed by a joyful cartwheel.

China’s mega-billion livestreaming industry has seen warp-speed development in the past few years. Last year alone, an estimated US$500 billion worth of goods were sold via livestreaming on popular apps like Douyin, Kuaishou, an eightfold increase since 2019.

Popular livestreamers also enjoy celebrity status. The country’s top streamers include Li Jiaqi, the lipstick king, who is able to attract tens of millions of viewers and generate millions of sales in one session. In 2019, Li sold 20,000 cases (6 bottles a case) of Chinese state-owned winery GreatWall’s red wine, Beiwei 37, within 30 seconds.

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