Rio drinks (pic: Internet)

Rio drinks (pic: Internet)

The global trend towards moderate drinking is leading new opportunities to the no and low alcohol market in China, backed by the country’s strong purchasing power of ‘she economy’ and young drinkers.

Weixun cocktail, Rio 

Rio's low-alcohol drinks range (pic: bilibili)
Rio’s low-alcohol drinks range (pic: bilibili)

The ‘Weixun’ cocktail series, meaning “tipsy” in Chinese, is one of the most recognised series from Rio wine. Launched in 2018, the series targeted single consumers by marketing itself as “one person’s little wine”.

With an alcohol level as low as 3% abv, the cocktail comes in various colourful and simplistic designs featuring a wide range of fruity flavours such as peach, passionfruit and grapes. Its alcohol base includes Cognac, vodka and rum. The drink can be purchased on their Tmall store with a lowest price of RMB 7.5 (USD 1.2). 

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