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China’s top 10 wine exporters in H1 2021

Here are China's top 10 wine exporting countries in the first half of 2021.

No. 3 Italy

Italian flag (pic: file image)
Italian flag (pic: file image)

Italy has a lot to celebrate in China.

For the first six months of the year, its wine exports grew by 49.84% to US$83.97 million, making it China’s third largest wine supplier.

Its export volume also expanded 30.12% to 16.89 million liters, which means its market share in China for the first time has surpassed 10%.

Italy in recent months has ramped up its promotions for the mainland market, with roadshows, tastings events and wine fairs planned across the country in the absence of Australian competitors.

At the current growth rate, Italy has more opportunities to consolidate its growth and reap in larger market shares, if it plays its cards right.

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