China (pic: Vino Joy News)

China (pic: Vino Joy News)

Here are China's top 10 wine exporting countries in the first half of 2021.

No. 6 Australia

Australian flag (pic: file photo)
Australian flag (pic: file photo)

It came as no surprise that Australia has been dethroned as China’s biggest wine supplier after China imposed up to 218% anti-dumping tariff on Australian wines.

Since China announced a preliminary punitive tariff last November on Australian wine amid the two countries worsening trade and political relations, Australian wine exports to China, its most lucrative market, has been free falling.

In the first half of the year, China only imported 7.22 million liters of Australian wines, worth about US$49.7 million.

This is a significant decline of 84.33% in value and 86.61% drop in volume.

More devastatingly for Australian wine producers, Australia’s market share has shrunk from nearly 40% to 6.08% within months.

A comeback from Australian wine seems unlikely given the anti-dumping tariff will be in place for the next five years.

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