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China’s top 10 wine exporters in H1 2021

Here are China's top 10 wine exporting countries in the first half of 2021.

No. 8 South Africa

South African flag (pic: file image)
South African flag (pic: file image)

South Africa saw the sharpest growth in China in the first six months of the year, largely due to stockpiling of South African wines for fear of another alcohol ban.

The country exported 5.88 million liters of wines to China from January to June, up by 192.8% in volume compared with the same period last year.

Its export value also climbed by 95.33% to US$14.7 million, as countries race to stock up on South African wines after it has repeatedly banned wine exports amid Covid-19.

So far, South Africa has introduced four alcohol bans since the start of Covid-19 and the most recent one was only lifted in July, with strict curfew still imposed on restaurants and retailers. This has greatly damaged domestic alcohol sales and export markets.

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