One man was crowned as the beer chugging king

It seems that coronavirus is a bygone memory in China, as the 30th Tsingtao International Beer Festival returns.

It seems that coronavirus is a bygone memory in China, as millions gather in coastal Qingtao in Shandong province for this year’s only large beer festival in Asia this month.

Tsingtao International Beer Festival kicked off its 30th edition this month after major beer festivals including Germany’s Oktoberfest and America’s Great American Beer Festival in Colorado were cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic.

The festival this year was run from July 31 to August 23 in three different locations and showcased thousands of beer brands from 40 different countries. Visitors attending the event are allowed in after temperature check and presenting a green QR health code to prove that they are free of the virus.

Despite being the country where the virus originated, the country has successfully contained the outbreak with strict lockdown measures and contact tracing. Now it seems lives in the country are returning to normal and focus has been shifted to economic recovery.

Here are some highlights of the beer festival this year.

qingtao 1
Tsingtao beer festival this year celebrated its 30th anniversary since it was first launched in 1991. (Photo from Qingtao culture and tourism bureau’s weibo.)
qingtao 4
This year’s Tsingtao event welcomed a few million visitors, at half of its capacity to avoid over crowding for virus transmission.
qingtao 3
Guests at the festival are still advised to wear masks in public spaces
qingtao 2
One man was crowned as the beer chugging king
qingtao 5
This year’s festival took place in different locations including Laoshan, Zibo and Qingtao. Last year’s event attracted 7.2 million visitors, and this year it’s run at half capacity to avoid over crowding.

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