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These are the Chinese influencers outselling wine importers

Here are the three influencers in China who are outselling wine merchants.


Viya in action

Another influencer Viya, dubbed as ‘Queen of Taobao’ is ranked as a top livestreamer on the country’s biggest e-commerce platform Taobao and has about 18 million followers. She sells anything from rice, broom to real estate properties and cars.

Livestreaming has recently become a mainstream way of shopping in China where viewers and followers can tune in to ask questions in real-time and place orders simultaneously for one-time discounted offer.

According to Alibaba, the parent company of Taobao, the number of e-commerce merchants that used livestreaming have doubled. In 2018, Taobao’s 4,000 livestreaming hosts sold over US$15 billion worth of goods, up over 400% from a year earlier.

Viya is arguably the most influential livestreaming host. In one sponsored livestreaming session to sell GreatWall winery’s zodiac-themed red wine, she sold 30,000 cases within one minute, according to Yun Jiu Tou Tiao. 

She made international headlines when she managed to sell KZ-1 rocket launch service for US$ 6.7 million.

According to the Chinese publication, the sales generated by the two influencers within minutes equal to a medium-sized distributor’s whole year revenue. 

It begs the uncomfortable question if non-wine specialized influencer can outsell importers and merchants wtihin minutes, and have more following than wine experts, does wine experts still matter in today’s wine consumer market?

Viya selling GreatWall red wine during livestreaming

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