Wine Future 2023 will take place in November in Portugal (pic: Wine Future)

Wine Future 2023 will take place in November in Portugal (pic: Wine Future)

The Wine Future 2023 will delve into the multiple challenges facing the wine industry today from how to engage social media-savvy Gen-Z to the future of wine in the age of AI.

The highly anticipated Wine Future Summit is set to bring together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from around the globe to delve into the multiple challenges facing the wine industry today from how to engage social media-savvy Gen-Z, tackling diversity in the industry to the future of wine in the age of AI.

The 2023 edition of the Wine Future holds exceptional significance as the industry stands at a momentous crossroads. No longer limited to external threats alone, the wine trade now faces intrinsic challenges that could have far-reaching impacts on the way wine is traded and consumed.

Kicking off the summit, Panel 1 will take a deep dive into the role and potential of influencers and new social media channels in engaging new consumers, particularly Gen Z and Millennials. A panel of influential wine marketers and influencers, including Mariano Braga, Emma Bertrand, Georgia Panagopoulou, and Simone Roveda, will engage in insightful discussions moderated by the experienced Cristina Mercuri.

In line with promoting responsible drinking, the summit’s first keynote session will emphasize the importance of moderation and implementing programs to tackle underage and binge drinking. Max Trejo, Secretary General for the International Youth Organization of the UN, will deliver an impactful address, stressing the need for informed and mindful alcohol consumption.

Panel 2 will explore new and effective ways to communicate about wine, bridging the gap between the traditional wine lexicon, often perceived as intimidating and exclusive, and the younger and novice wine consumers. Under the guidance of moderator Mike Wangbickler, a panel of talented wine communicators, including Alder Yarrow, Sonal Holland MW, Megan Greco, Natalie Wang, and Ferrán Centelles, will showcase new and effective ways of wine communication.

The summit will also tackle the pressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the wine industry. Recognizing the need to move beyond traditional boundaries, an esteemed panel, featuring Queena Wong, Helen Savage, Mags Jango, and Ntskiki Biyela, will discuss the social and business benefits of embracing diversity. Esteemed entrepreneur, educator, and chair of the Institute of Masters of Wine’s Diversity and Inclusion panel, Stephen Wong MW, will lead the panel in a compelling exploration of this critical topic.

Diving into the realm of economics, Nobel Laureate and renowned economist Sir Christopher Pissarides will deliver a keynote address titled “The wine industry, world economy and work in the age of artificial intelligence“. Pissarides will look intothe world economy and the impact of technology, particularly artificial intelligence, on labor markets, with a special focus on the wine industry.

Amidst the lineup of distinguished speakers, attendees will have the unique opportunity to gain insights from Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden, a pilot, and a successful entrepreneur. Dickinson will draw upon his wealth of experience as a rock star and businessman to provide valuable lessons on teamwork, communication, adaptability, and seizing opportunities in the face of challenges.

The summit will also feature the expertise of Rob McMillan, a prominent wine-business analyst renowned for his annual State of the Wine Industry Report, highly regarded by winery owners, journalists, entrepreneurs, and investors. McMillan’s insights are sought after as he sheds light on the dynamic landscape of the wine business.

With the catastrophic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on global tourism, a dedicated panel will explore the adaptation strategies for wineries and wine regions heavily reliant on wine tourism. From virtual tours to innovative tasting room experiences, the panel, consisting of Adrian Bridge, Catherine Leparmentier, Marisah Nieuwoudt, and Dr. Michael Cheng, will delve into the changing landscape and offer valuable insights on adapting to the new reality.

To address the challenges faced by the wine industry in sales of entry- and mid-level wines, another expert panel will provide innovative strategies to enhance sales. Led by Liz Thach MW, a group of seasoned speakers, including Ulf Sjodin MW, Rafael del Rey, and Don St. Pierre, will share their knowledge and expertise on navigating the competitive market.

Highlighting the health benefits of wine consumption, Dr. Laura Catena will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of alcohol consumption, underscoring the numerous studies indicating that wine can contribute to a healthier lifestyle compared to spirits.

Recognizing the significance of embracing technology, the summit will explore the integration of new and innovative tools such as augmented reality, digital marketing, Big Data, and advanced market research technologies into the wine industry. A panel of experts, including David Allen MW, Maureen Downey, Justin Noland, and Ian Ford, will discuss data-driven marketing, virtual engagement, and digital brand strategy.

Moreover, the summit will delve into the growing importance of sustainability and responsible business practices. The panel, moderated by Anne Burchett, will feature insights from Prof Graham Miller, Anna Chilton, Martin Reyes MW, and Eugeni Brotons on effectively communicating about sustainability without compromising trust and transparency.

More than 60 speakers will attend the three-day summit. In addition to the thought-provoking panel discussions and keynote sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in wine tastings and masterclasses conducted by renowned experts, including Mark Squires from The Wine Advocate, Richard Mayson, an authority on Portuguese wines, and Dirceu Vianna Junior, a highly respected Master of Wine.

The Wine Future Summit 2023 is scheduled to take place from November 7th to 9th in Coimbra, Portugal, at the historic Convento de Sao Francisco. In addition to the enriching program, the summit will feature a Trade Fair Area and various hospitality events, providing attendees with networking opportunities and a chance to explore the latest industry developments.

Registration is now open at, offering industry professionals and wine enthusiasts an unparalleled experience at this exceptional global wine summit.

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