Asahi Super Dry (pic: Asahi)

Asahi Super Dry (pic: Asahi)

Japan's No. 1 beer has gone through its first taste refinement since its launch over 30 years ago. It's now available in Asia.

The new Asahi Super Dry that has gone through its first taste refinement since its launch over 30 years ago has now been made available in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore following its release in Japan.

According to the company’s press release, the Japan’s number one selling beer brand debuted this year with a new enriched flavour inspired by the vibrancy of modern Japan and a new look.

The revamped Asahi Super Dry is said to have a new and enriched flavor. This is the first recipe refinement since the introduction of the beer in 1987, and it amplifies the “unique sake-inspired crisp sensation of the original Super Dry”, according to the brewery.

Along with the new flavour refinement, it debuted a new look. The new design highlights the unique characteristics of Modern Japan as the space where innovation meets reinvention; where beauty meets precision of traditional craftsmanship. The design centers around two silvers: a shiny metallic silver and a deep oxidized matte silver. Together they reflect the Japanese sense of beauty – contrasting yet harmonizing, complementing yet distinguishing.

Reminiscent of the Bullet Train, the New Asahi Super Dry gives drinkers a quick peak in flavor which instantly veers into a quick clean finish.  Immersive and minimalistic at the same time, the refined dry taste of the beer produces a quick clean aftertaste without any unpleasant residual flavor, making you wanting the next sip – maximizing the enjoyment of the original food flavor and making it the perfect pairing with any cuisine.  

The changes made to the beer recipe also introduce a new hop treatment process that gives it a refreshing yet delicate hop aroma, as well as a new yeast control technology that provides a fermentation-driven aroma.

Beer drinks will have opportunites to try the new Asahi Super Dry through experiential events held across the region. A store-within-store event will take place in Taiwan’s Eslite bookstore in Nanxi till 31st July.

Singaporeans will be able to experience an interactive event hosted at the Visual Arts Centre, Dhoby Ghaut Green till 20th July. This interactive event will see spectacular photo opportunities at the Ingredients and Yeast Room, a Beer Garden with Asahi Super Dry food pairings and live music, and the opportunity to participate in a tasting Masterclass.

In Hong Kong SAR, Asahi Super Dry has partnered with popular food app, Deliveroo, and dining guide, OpenRice, to offer combo sets and highlight participating restaurants where dinners can explore food pairings that are enhanced by the New Asahi Super Dry.

The beer is available in supermarkets, online and select restaurants across APAC.

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