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What are wine veterans drinking for Christmas?

We turned to top wine merchants in Hong Kong and Mainland China for their Christmas wine suggestions. Find out what wine veterans from ASC Fine Wines, Torres China, Links Concept, Vivino, Enoteca and Northeast Wines and Spirits are drinking.

3. Makoto Nagae from ASC Fine Wines 

Makoto Nagae is the newly appointed CEO at ASC Fine Wines (pic: ASC Fine Wines)
Makoto Nagae is the newly appointed CEO at ASC Fine Wines (pic: ASC Fine Wines)

Before being appointed as CEO of ASC Fine Wines just half a year ago, Nagae was a long-time veteran with ASC’s parent company Suntory Group since 1990. In the wine world, Nagae is a self-claimed fan of Californian Cabernet Sauvignon, and he found them perfect for Christmas wine choice. 

One of his favourites is Robert Mondavi Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon which he describes as having deep and powerful flavors of blackberry, anise, black olive, fresh tobacco and dark chocolate, mingled with sweet oak spices, nutmeg and clove. “The wine is firmly structured by velvety, age-worthy tannins. Juicy and bold enough for my Christmas cuisines.” he explains.

For gifting, Nagae would go for Grand Bateau Le Phare Rouge from St. Julien, which showcased his knowledge on China from years of experiences in the country’s drinks industry. He recalled this classic Bordeaux blend as a very popular gift wine in China with a heartwarming connotation.

The sailing boat image on the label symbolises a Chinese auspicious and well-wishing saying “smooth and success all the way it sails on”.“Le Phare, the lighthouse, also shows a bright future or coming home safe. It is a delicious wine with wonderful meaning.” he explains.

He would also gift Champagne Barons de Rothschild Brut as he believes it’s a great wine for all seasons, particularly for traditional festive time. “Pale gold glints with very fine bubbles which produce abundant, persistent frothiness. This cuvée gives off aromas of pear, almonds and fresh hazelnuts,” he describes.

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