Silver Heights Bloom (pic: Silver Heights)

Silver Heights Bloom (pic: Silver Heights)

From a pét-nat sparkling wine to a 100% Malbec, these are latest Chinese wine releases that are hitting the market.

Xige Estate N28 100% Malbec

Known as the largest winery in Ningxia, Xige Estate is releasing a 100% Malbec wine as an addition to the winery’s core ‘N series’. 

Malbec is historically used as a blending grape in Bordeaux but its popularity is propagated by a South American wine giant – Argentina. Being the most significant grape varietal of Argentina, it’s relatively rare to find a 100% Malbec across the pacific in China.

Xige Estate, which claims to have the most advanced winemaking equipment in China, has the capacity producing 10 million bottles annually. It was regarded by the local government as “the most modern winery in China” by its completion in 2017.

The winery currently has 2,000 hectares of vineyards, of which 1,000 hectares have been cultivated for over 22 years. Aside from international varietals, it planted its first batch of Malbec in 2017. 

The dry climate with little rain and strong sunlight in the Dove Mountain is said to match with that of Argentina, which contributes to the wine’s fruity aroma and complexity, according to the winery. The Malbec wine was aged in 5,000L horizontal oak tanks to add a hint of barrel flavour before its release.

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