Silver Heights Bloom (pic: Silver Heights)

Silver Heights Bloom (pic: Silver Heights)

From a pét-nat sparkling wine to a 100% Malbec, these are latest Chinese wine releases that are hitting the market.

Silver Heights natural sparkling wine Bloom

Established in 1999, Silver Heights is a family-run vineyard passed on to Gao Yuan (or Emma Gao) who received her enology training at the Ecole d’Oenologie in Bordeaux. 

Located in Ningxia, the relatively small-scale vineyard lies between the western part of Helan Mountain and the eastern part of Yellow River, with an altitude of from 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level. 

Silver Heights has been practicing biodynamic viticulture since 2017 in hope of preserving the ecological balance of the virgin land in Helen Mountain. One of their latest releases, Jiayuan – a single varietal wine range, is produced biodynamically with minimal human intervention, no filtering and no excessive sulphur. 

Upholding the philosophy of producing wine in the most natural way, Silver Heights released its first pétillant-naturel sparkling wine Bloom in May this year. The wine label is inspired by the peacock raised in the house of the wine producer Emma Gao’s father.

This series is produced by méthode ancestrale with a blend of Italian Riesling , Sauvignon Blanc, and locally produced Ningxia rice wine. Using natural yeast, the Sauvignon Blanc went through an extended period of maceration before blending with the fresh rice wine to enliven the pet-nat process.

The wine is described as light-bodied with aromas of golden peaches, melon, pear with a hint of toasted rice by the nose.

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