Hangzhou, known for its fine silk, UNESCO world heritage site West Lake, and its association with Alibaba, is also a worthy destination for wine crowds.


Quarter, a quaint and Chinese culture-inspired, is both an eclectic cafe and bar. One the ground level, it serves hand crafted and a wide variety of single origin coffees. One the second floor, the door opens to a stylish bar with drawers of whiskies, gins and wines tucked away in Chinese medicine cabinets.

Most go to Quarter for bartender’s concoctions to unwind the stress of the week, its wines deserve a nod as well. The bar has a rather small but delectable wine list including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Jura and a range of juicy Pinot Noirs from Giant Steps, Pyramid Valley and Villa Maria.

A few other bars in the city also worth a mention including Half & Half, owned by Li Jing who is also behind Quarter, and Late Market, another popular hangout as the name suggests for the late crowds near West Lake.

Address: Qingtai Street 581, Hangzhou

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