china e-commerce (pic: istock)

china e-commerce (pic: istock)

Here are the top 10 best performing online drinks stores in China.

A new market research company focusing on China’s mammoth e-commerce landscape has revealed the top 10 best performing online drinks stores on the country’s biggest e-commerce platform

The list brings attention to the most popular alcoholic beverage stores online that are affecting daily drinking decisions for millions of Chinese consumers for the country’s thriving online drinks sector that’s valued over US$6 billion.

The report by Chinese company Mojing Market Intelligence compiled and compared sales data of alcoholic beverages collected from, the retail platform of Alibaba group, based on sales revenue recorded in the past 12 months until July this year.

It found Tmall Supermarket, the online grocery service operated by Alibaba, topped the list, with RMB 3.37 billion (US$493 million) worth of drinks sales in the 12-month period.

Second place went to 1919, the online drinks retailer which is co-owned by Alibaba. The company’s flagship store on Tmall generated RMB 430.9 million (US$63 million) worth of alcoholic beverage sales for a total of 530,000 items, according to the report.’s flagship store came in third place, with RMB 414 million (US$60.5 million) in drinks sales, followed by Luzhoulaojiao’s flagshop store, a leading baijiu producer in China’s southwestern Sichuan province, at RMB 358 million (US$52.3 million).

Top 10 best performing drinks stores on based on sales revenue between July 2019 and July 2020

Hongweitiancheng was fifth place for a total of RMB 332 million (US$48.5 million) drinks sales. Yanghe, a baijiu producer and owner of Chilean wine brand Vina San Pedro, came in sixth place at RMB 243 million (US$35.5 million). Tmall Global’s supermarket for imported goods was seventh, with RMB 233 million (US$34 million) worth of drinks sales, and baijiu producer Quanjiafu was eight (RMB 227 million).

Wuliangye distillery’s flagship store arrived at ninth place with RMB 195 million (US$28.5 million), while drinks influencer Lady Penguin’s flagship store rounded up the list at 10th place with RMB 185 million (US$27 million) worth of alcoholic beverage sales in the past 12 months, the only personality-led store that made onto the top 10 list.

Lady Penguin, aka Wang Shenghan is arguably among most influential personalities in China’s drinks industry, who obtained her fame through Chinese social media by posting eyeball-grabbing and light-hearted wine contents.

Lady Penguin, aka Wang Shenghan

Just two years after opening her Tmall flagship store in 2017, it generated RMB 36.41 million booze sales at last year’s Tmall September 9 Global Wine and Spirits Festival, a mega online drinks extravaganza.

Her February sales slumped to RMB 6.2 million, clipped by Covid-19 before rebounding in March to eventually arriving at RMB 18.65 million in June.

Her Tmall store sells anything from self-branded Lady Penguin wines sourced from Chile and Australia to plum wines and Moscato.  

With fun packaging catering specifically to her large women-led followings, two categories of wines made popular by her called ‘Good night wine’ and ‘teenage girl wine’ inspired many imitators, but none has yet to come close to surpass the originator.

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