Here are pictorial highlights from Hong Kong's wine trade. Sarah Heller MW led Sangiovese masterclass, James Suckling tasting, Avignonesi media lunch, Chadwick wine dinner and more.

Virginie Saverys, owner of Italy’s biggest biodynamic winery Avignonesi, gave Hong Kong’s key media members an introduction of the idyllic Tuscan winery, and their evocative single-vineyard 100% Sanigoveese Vino Nobile. Saverys purchased the winery in 2009 and has since converted the winery to be fully biodynamic. The style of the wine has become more focused with a pivot to Italy’s traditional grape, Sangiovese. So much so, the winery has emerged as a leader in advocating producing single vineyard Nobile using 100% Sangiovese (local laws only require at least 70% to be named a Nobile). It united with five other wineries in Montepulciano to create an Alliance in an effort to restore the badge of honor for Nobile. 

The media lunch also marked the first time in Asia that the winery is unveiling five of its ultra-premium Vino Nobile wines made from 100% Sangiovese, including three single-vineyard Vino Nobile wines, and Grandi Annate, which is produced only in best vintages. The wines are Badelle Vino Nobile 2016, Caprile Vino Nobile 2016, La Banditella Vino Nobile 2016, Vino Nobile 2016 (Alliance), Grandi Annate 2016 in addition to a very special Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice 2005.

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