ProWine Shanghai is gearing up for its 10th anniversary edition this November (pic: ProWine Shanghai)

ProWine Shanghai is gearing up for its 10th anniversary edition this November (pic: ProWine Shanghai)

ProWine Shanghai, the esteemed trade fair, prepares to celebrate a decade of industry influence from November 8th to 10th.

ProWine Shanghai, the premier trade fair for the wine and spirits industry in the Chinese Mainland, is all set to celebrate its monumental 10th anniversary with an extraordinary edition in November. This highly anticipated event not only marks the grand return of international exhibitors to China after pandemic but also symbolizes a decade of ProWine’s influential presence in the dynamic Chinese market.

In a remarkable reflection of the industry’s trajectory, the latest data from the Wine Importers and Exporters Branch of the China Chamber of Commerce of I/E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce, and Animal By-products (CFNA), reveals an impressive 8% surge in alcohol drink imports during the first half of 2023, amassing a cumulative import value of US$2.13 billion. This sharp increase underscores a substantial growth in consumer demand for alcoholic beverages within China.

“The ways and scenes of drinking wine are becoming more diverse and open, with a particular emphasis on catering to the individuality and preferences of the younger generation. Furthermore, Chinese wines with improved quality have gained increasing recognition and awareness. Various wine-producing regions are actively promoting their products beyond their regions, seizing opportunities and eagerly vying for market dominance,” noted Guo Minggui, a representative of the Shanghai Association for Liquor and Spirits Circulation, underlining the evolving landscape of the wine industry in China.

The surge in imports signifies a promising trend for the wine and spirits market in China, reflecting an uptick in consumer interest and purchasing power.

This year’s edition will mark the grand return of international exhibitors to China after the country scrapped Covid restrictions. So far the three-day trade fair has seen robust participation from interntional exhibitors including pavilions and wine regions from Germany, Austria, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Georgia, South Africa, France, the US, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Slovenia, Hungary, Chile and more. The return of these international participants reflects their confidence in the country’s market recovery and immense potential.

Gergely Goreczky, CEO of the Hungarian Wine Marketing Agency, emphasized the significance of the Chinese market for Hungary. He expressed eagerness in introducing Hungarian wines, rich with legends and exciting stories, to a broader audience in China, stating, “For sophisticated, conscious young consumers, Hungarian wine means a new world, which is now being introduced in more and more Chinese wine schools as well.”

In addition to international wine and spirits exhibitors, domestic presence from Chinese wine producers is also sizable. The show has attracted an impressive array of pavilions and wine regions from China, including UP-Chinese Wine (UCW), The Eastern Foothills of Helan Mountain Yinchuan Wine Region, Ningxia Helan Mountain-Jinshan Production Area, and Yantai Vine and Wine Industry Development Service Center. Jinshan and Yantai wine regions will also make their debut appearance at the fair.

ProWine Shanghai is making a full return in 2023 (pic: ProWine Shanghai)
ProWine Shanghai is making a full return in 2023 (pic: ProWine Shanghai)

Josh Gu, Project Director of ProWine Shanghai, highlighted the resilience of the Chinese wine market despite the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. He stated, “The first half of 2023 shows the local wine market is still recovering from the pandemic’s effects. However, with the gradual recovery of consumption, the wine market has rebounded, with merchants releasing pent-up energy.” Gu underscored ProWine’s commitment to expanding into deeper markets, engaging regional distributors, restaurants, bars, and hotels to explore potential buyers and foster industry connections.

Leading up to the November exhibition, ProWine successfully presented two special events in Beijing and Shenzhen for hotel presentations in June and July this summer, marking the 10th anniversary of ProWine Shanghai. Each event welcomed around 100 exhibitors and over 1,000 trade buyers, representing a significant breakthrough and playing a crucial role in driving industry development. These events efficiently attracted high-quality regional distributors, hospitality professionals, and wholesalers as potential buyers for ProWine Shanghai, fostering a positive and sustainable industry chain.

ProWine Shanghai 2023 is not just an exhibition; it promises to be an immersive experience. The event will feature a diverse range of activities, including masterclasses, wine tastings, panel discussions, and networking sessions. These engagements aim to deepen industry knowledge, encourage meaningful discussions, and fortify business relationships. Concurrently, the event will run alongside Food & Hospitality China (FHC), providing an integrated platform for industry professionals to explore opportunities and forge partnerships.

ProWine Shanghai 2023 will be held from November 8 to 10 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Halls W4-W5. To register, please click here, or follow the official WeChat account “ProWine” for the latest updates.

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