Alsace Rocks is returning to Hong Kong this month (pic: CIVA)

Alsace Rocks is returning to Hong Kong this month (pic: CIVA)

After a successful debut, Alsace Rocks is back with a monthlong celebration across the city.

Get ready for a journey through the enchanting world of Alsace wines as “Alsace Rocks” returns to Hong Kong this September for its second edition, following a stellar debut last year.

Presented by Vins d’Alsace (CIVA), the Alsace region’s powerhouse of promotion and marketing, this year’s event promises even more excitement, starting with an immersive masterclass and continuing with a month-long extravaganza featuring top retailers and exclusive restaurant outlets across the city.

What’s the Buzz?

The Alsace Rocks campaign aims to bring out multiple interpretations of how Alsace wines ‘rocks’ thanks to their exceptional quality. The region’s diverse terroir and soils, including its natural ‘rocks’; 13 distinct soil types from eight mother rocks, from volcanic to limestone to clay, make Alsace the world’s most geologically diverse regions. With the region’s passionate winemakers, their innovative spirits, and sustainability efforts, the region produces high-quality wines for any occasion or budget.

Located in northeastern France, on the borders of Switzerland and Germany, and between the Vosges Mountains and Rhine River, this ten-mile-wide, 80-miles long strip of land is protected from westerly rains, making it one of the driest areas in France. Being a cool-continental climate region blessed with abundant sunshine allows for the slow ripening of its grapes, which produces aromatic, balanced, and complex wines.

While white wines are the stars of the show – from the crisp Riesling to the earthy Pinot Gris, the refreshing Pinot Blanc to the spicy Gewurztraminer – Alsace is stepping into the limelight with a red revolution led by the iconic Pinot Noir. Accounting for a whopping 12% of Alsace’s wine production, this trendsetter is shaking up traditions. And here’s the kicker – Pinot Noir is now authorized in the AOC Alsace Grand Cru on two specific terroirs: the Grand Cru Kirchberg de Barr (in Barr, in the Bas-Rhin) and the Hengst (in Wintzenheim, in the Haut-Rhin).

What’s Planned?

This year’s campaign kicked off with a bang, starting with a captivating masterclass led by none other than Thierry Fritsch, CIVA oenologist, educator, and Alsace wines specialist. He will be joined by Natalie Wang, founder of Vino Joy News, the leading and authoritative English wine media in Hong Kong. About 50 wine professionals in Hong Kong dived into the rich world of Alsace varietals, from the aromatic Riesling to the mesmerizing Gewurztraminer and the groundbreaking Pinot Noir.

The masterclass offered insights to market trends, and on the differing significance of Alsace wines. Alongside the masterclass guests enjoyed a further selection of wines, with wines from the following appellations: AOC Alsace, AOC Crémant d’Alsace, and AOC Alsace Grand Cru.

But Wait, There’s More in Store!

As you dive into the world of Alsace wines during the masterclass, there’s even more in store. Get set for a month-long celebration as leading retailers in the city roll out special offerings for Alsace wines online or at their stores. You will be able to find Alsace wines on offer at Best Mart 360, City Super, Penticton, Ponti Wine Cellars, Wine Warrior and more.

Living up to its reputation as a gastronomical wine, Alsace wine will also be served at some of Hong Kong’s top restauration destinations like SKYE, The Baker and The Bottleman, and La Brasserie, where you can indulge in amazing pairings that’ll make your dining experience one for the books.


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