Magic of Chablis and Music-Chablis (pic: BIVB)

Magic of Chablis and Music-Chablis (pic: BIVB)

Would a Petit Chablis taste better with French singer Carla Bruni's song? Hong Kong wine writer Ronny Lau has curated a spotify playlist with Bourgogne Wine Board for your favorite Chablis.

Heading into the humid and sunny summer in Hong Kong, a glass of crisp and dry white wine is a must to calm your soul in a sip. This summer, you can take the enjoyment to the next level indulging in the sensational Spotify playlist presented by the Chablis Commission and Hong Kong-based wine critic Ronny Lau.

Can a beautiful song make your wine taste better? A study at Oxford University actually dug into this myth and found that people can get 15% more pleasure from their wines by drinking and listening to the right types of music at the same time. 

To share this wonderful formula with wine lovers, Chablis, the iconic wine region in Burgundy, is launching a collection of Spotify playlists this month – “Magic of Chablis and Music”  – in synchrony with International Chardonnay Day on 26 May 2022 and International Music Day on 21 June 2022.

Magic of Chablis and Music-Chablis (pic: BIVB)
Magic of Chablis and Music-Chablis (pic: BIVB)

Both Chablis connoisseurs and newcomers can download a collection of 12 euphonious songs on the Spotify playlists curated with the assistance of Hong Kong-based wine and music critic Ronny Lau, while sipping the delicious Chardonnay on bright sunny days. 

“Learning about wine through music is an enjoyable and memorable way of broadening your knowledge and appreciation of wine. Hence, we are excited to release the ‘Magic of Chablis and Music’ Spotify Playlists this summer,” says Paul Espitalié, President of the Chablis Commission of Bourgogne Wine Board. “Music and Chablis are partners in the dance of life that draws people together.” 

According to Ronny Lau, also Chairman of the Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Writers Association and compiler of the CD box set “Music & Wine, The Perfect Matching”, offers some pairing tips on wines from the four appellations in accordance with the “Magic of Chablis and Music” Spotify playlist.

Scroll through the pages below to see which wine goes well with French singer and former first lady Carla Bruni’s music or which one matches perfectly with Vanessa Paradis’ song. 

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