The 105th China Food and Drinks Fair Autumn edition kicked off in Tianjin on October 15 (picture credit: Xinhua)
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‘Disneyland of fakes’ at China Food & Drinks Fair in Tianjin

Derided by trade professionals as "Disneyland of fakes", the scale of knockoffs seen at this year's Autumn edition of China Food & Drinks Fair in Tianjin is staggering. We have rounded up some of the worst offenders here from fake DRC to counterfeit Petrus.

Lafite at war

The lafite lookalike (picture supplied)
The lafite lookalike (picture supplied)

For some reason, the Bordeaux first growth Chateau Lafite Rothschild is always at war somewhere, at least makers of Lafite knockoff believe so.

First, Shunyi Lifei conjured a war with the Paulliac estate in 1755, then another imitator named its lookalike Lafite “Lfed of War Manoir” for reasons beyond us.

The front label bears resemblance to the Bordeaux first growth and comes with a five-arrow symbol on the left bottom of its front label.

Besides the first growth’s grand vin, its parent company DBR Lafite’s cheaper wine ranges including its Bordeaux AOC L├ęgende are also targets of counterfeiters at the wine fair, thanks to its popularity.

Ironically, what’s not a target though are the emboldened counterfeiters.

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