Drunken behaviors (pic: iStock)

Drunken behaviors (pic: iStock)

Australian Olympians got too carried away on their flight home from Tokyo and were accused of unruly drunken behaviors.

Australian Olympians have been issued with an official warning and will have to undergo counselling about behavior and alcohol consumption, following a complaint of their rowdy and drunken behaviors on a flight from Tokyo to Sydney after the Olympics games.

Japan Airlines Co. had written to the Australian Olympic Committee complaining about unruly behaviours of 49 athletes from nine sports on a red-eye flight from Tokyo to Sydney.

The allegations mainly lodged against Rugby players included not observing flight attendants’ instructions, raiding alcohol stored in the galley, and vomiting that caused one toilet to be completely “inoperable”.

An internal integrity commission into the behaviour of the men’s team on the Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo to Sydney found “a number of members of the team were drinking excessive amounts of alcohol on JAL 15 while also being disruptive to cabin crew and other passengers’’.

“It’s extremely disappointing, but both rugby and football have told me that such behavior is certainly not acceptable within their sports and have sincerely apologized to the Australian Olympic Team,” said committee CEO Matt Carroll, as reported by Kyodo News.

The players involved remained defiant.

“Who cares who f–king threw up, it’s not World War III?” one player was quoted as saying in The Australian.

Australia at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 won 17 Gold medals, 7 Silvers and 22 Bronzes.

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