A first-ever new Chinese TV show on Italian wine that marries The Bachelorette-like reality TV flair with adrenalin-filled adventures is hitting China's biggest streaming and video platform Youku.

The first-ever Chinese TV show on Italian wine has hit the country’s biggest streaming and video platform Youku, and is projected to attract 20 million viewers with its The Bachelorette-like reality TV show flair paired with adrenalin-filled adventures.

The show called “Kiss Kiss” follows up-and-coming, 26-year-old Chinese fashion model and actress Si Wei (“Moly”) on her first trip to Italy as she experiences the ups and downs of romance, the adrenaline rush of physical challenges, while wining and dining her local guides.

The six-episode TV series is expected to attract young urbanite, who like Moly, is navigating to find romance in cut-throat work environment and parental pressure.

Following the success of Chinese dating shows such as “If You Are the One”, “Let’s Fall in Love”, “Kiss Kiss” thus takes one of these young and smart women, typical of today’s millennials in China, to embark on a self-discovery journey to learn about a different culture, love, romance, food and wines.

In fact, the name “Kiss Kiss” derives from the Italian expression for Cheers! “Cin Cin”, which sounds similar to the Chinese phrase “亲亲” (qin qin) which means “Kiss” in English.

The show highlights six different locations: Tuscany, Piedmont, Franciacorta, Trento, Sicily and Venice. At each stop Moly meets a handsome date who acts not only as her guide, but as a cultural window into the particularities of each region.

From free climbing in the Alps, to free diving in the waters off Sicily, the adventures Moly embarks upon are many, as she begins to learn more about this new world she is in and its people — as well as how far she is willing to push herself.

Each episode ends with a romantic dinner where Moly reflects on her experiences, while enjoying the local food with local wines. It does not take her long to learn that the wines of each region bear more than slight similarities in character with the personalities of each of her dates.

The show is jointly produced by Youku, NYSH Productions and Italian wine company Ethica Wines. It will be aired every Fridays on Youku. You can watch the tailer here.

You can also follow Ethica Wines’ WeChat account here for weekly recap.

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