In the age of social distancing, competitions are going virtual.

The eighth annual London Sake Challenge will take place remotely on Wednesday July 15 2020, where samples will be judged remotely among tasters in order to “prioritize the health & safety of our judges, sommeliers and staff; and to ensure that the Challenge continues in its mission to seek out and promote the world’s most outstanding premium sake and brightest brewing talent,” says the organizer.

This year nearly all wine events are cancelled due to the threat of coronavirus pandemic. The London Sake Challenge, Europe’s oldest international sake competition, announced that its 2020 Challenge “will not be postponed like many others.” 

Ahead of the Challenge, each of the judges consisting of Certified, Advanced and Master Sake Sommeliers will be sent a selection of the sake entries to their homes. They will then confer with one another via video conference, to assess not only the sake’s flavour profiles, but also their potential for food pairing and their bottle design, according to the Sake Sommelier Association. 

The results will be announced online together with a video showcasing the top prize Platinum-level winners.

Do you think this provides an example of how wine and spirits competitions can be done amid coronavirus outbreak? Let us know in comments. 

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