Hong Kong Famous Night View (pic: iStock)

Hong Kong's Famous Night View (pic: iStock)

Ethica Wines, an established wine company focused on the promotion of Italian wines and working with different importers throughout Asia Pacific, has strengthened its partnership with mainland China’s leading wine importer, China Wine and Spirits (CWS), in Greater China region, as the two expanded their collaboration beyond mainland China to include Hong Kong.

The new partnership marks a new chapter which saw the two first working together in bringing a curated selection of artisan and family-owned Italian wines in the mainland market.

It also came at a time when CWS Fine Wines expanded its foothold in Hong Kong after opening a new office last year, in a move to grow its market in the Asian wine trading hub.

Starting from first week of April, a range of boutique, family-owned and unique wines represented by Ethica Wines will be distributed and imported by CWS Fine Wines for the Hong Kong market

They are La Kiuva (Val d’Aosta), Cordero di Montezemolo (Piedmont), Fontanabianca (Piedmont), Villa Sparina (Piedmont), Cafaggio (Tuscany), Belvento (Tuscany), Ridolfi (Tuscany), Cappella Sant’Andrea (Tuscany), Cusumano & Alta Mora (Sicily), Nino Franco (Veneto), Lavis (Trentino), Ca’ dei Frati (Lombardy), Anselmi (Veneto), Villa di Corlo (Emilia Romagna) as well as Slovenia’s Movia.

Speaking of the partnership, Roberta Picco, resident sales manager for Ethica Wines for Asia Pacific region, commented: “The partnership between Ethica Wines and CWS has its origins in China, where we have been linked by a very strong business relationship for many years. We then decided to join forces for Hong Kong market as well, in particular for the italian wines portfolio. This is why currently the Hong Kong division of CWS features a significant number of wineries picked from Ethica Wines selection”.

“Italian Wine has such a great growth potential in Asia and this is where we put our daily effort; for this reason we are thrilled to start this project together, with a shared vision and common action,” she continued, injecting a dose of confidence in Italian wine sector despite ongoing threat of COVID-19.

Hong Kong imported around HK$286 million (US$36.8 million) worth of Italian wines in 2018, based on latest available government figures.

Headquartered in Bordeaux, CWS was established in 2006 and counts itself among the finest Chinese distributors for on-trade and gastronomy. The addition of wines from Ethica Wines is expected to significantly boost CWS’s Italian portfolio as well.

“CWS Fine Wines has been established in Hong Kong about 10 months ago and we are excited and privileged to be able to work with Ethica. This partnership with their Wines such as Cordero di Montezemolo, Nino Franco, Cusumano and many more allows us to have an extensive selection of quality wines to offer to our customers,” commented Wilfried Sentex, Hong Kong director of CWS Fine Wines.

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