ProWine had record-breaking attendance this year (pic: ProWine)

A staggering 27,363 trade visitors attended this year's ProWine Shanghai, indicating an impressive 81.7% growth from the previous edition and the pre-pandemic edition's 20, 640 visitors in 2019.

ProWine Shanghai 2023, the premier wine and spirits trade fair in China, has concluded this year’s fair on a triumphant note. The leading trade fair for wine and spirits in China celebrated its 10th anniversary with record-breaking attendance and participation, signifying a robust comeback and a promising future for the industry.

A staggering 27,363 trade visitors attended the fair, indicating an impressive 81.7% growth from the previous edition and the pre-pandemic edition’s 20, 640 visitors in 2019. This surge in attendance reflects the fair’s crucial role in the Asian wine and spirits market and highlights the industry’s resilience and growing appeal post-pandemic.

ProWine celebrated its 10th anniversary edition with over 27,000 trade visitors (pic: ProWine)

Over 660 exhibitors from 32 countries and regions graced the event, a substantial 45% increase compared to the last edition, with international exhibitors comprising more than 75% of the total. This diverse participation underscores the global wine community’s revived interest and confidence in the Chinese market.

Peter Schmitz, Director of ProWein, reflected on the event’s success: “We are very glad to witness ProWine Shanghai 2023 with such a high international participation after the pandemic. Austria, America, Germany, France, Spain, and other nations have consistently provided support for ProWine Shanghai since its inception a decade ago in Chinese mainland. We have welcomed the largest participation from Chinese wine regions and producers with around 90 wineries. Also, I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to our partner, exhibitors and visitors for their continuous support.”

Ian Roberts, Vice President Asia at Informa Markets, also commented on the event’s impact: “With the total attracted 27,363 visitors to ProWine Shanghai 2023, our collaboration benefits both ProWine Shanghai and its concurrent event – China’s leading food and hospitality show FHC which both offer one stop platform for trade buyers, and we’ve seen significant increase from restaurants, bars and hotels for food and drinking.”

ProWine Shanghai was held from November 8 to 10. (pic: ProWine)

Overseas companies have regained momentum and participated in the show with confidence. ProWine Shanghai 2023 had nearly 30 national pavilions and wine-producing regions in attendance. A total of 26 official national pavilions made a significant appearance, with government and industry organizations from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, North Macedonia, Germany, France, Georgia, USA, South Africa, Portugal, Japan, Serbia, Cyprus, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Chile, China and other countries and regions providing their full support.

Adrien Calatayud, Head Manager of the French Pavilion, expressed his optimism: “BBusiness France has taken part in ProWine Shanghai for ten consecutive editions, and we are honored to be the largest national pavilion at ProWine Shanghai on its 10th anniversary. Many French companies have leveraged this professional trade platform to successfully find importers and partners in China. We are optimistic about the growth of the Chinese wine market and aspire to win over more Chinese wine enthusiasts to the charm of French wine.”

Gergely Goreczky, CEO of the Hungarian Wine Marketing Agency, shared his excitement: “We are thrilled to participate in ProWine Shanghai right after the pandemic, three years since our last attendance. Our pavilion wineries have introduced multiple new products, and we have engaged with several promising importers at the event. We are pleased to witness our Chinese friends’ keen enthusiasm for Hungarian wines.”

This year’s ProWine Shanghai was particularly notable for its unprecedented representation of Chinese wine regions, a significant achievement that highlights the growing strength and influence of China’s wine industry. Several pavilions, including Up-Chinese Wine Pavilion, Yinchuan Appellation Pavilion, and others, showcased the distinctive taste and quality of Chinese wines, reflecting the increasing confidence of domestic consumers in national brands. In 2016, Chinese wines debuted at ProWine Shanghai. The 2023 edition featured 88 Chinese wineries showcasing their wines.

Professor Li Demei, head of the Brewing Engineering Department at Beijing University of Agriculture, commented on this development: “China boasts expansive wine-growing regions where winemakers have mastered high-quality grape-growing techniques, developed a unique winemaking process, and engaged in extensive research and innovation in winemaking technology. These efforts have resulted in a gradual increase in the competitiveness of Chinese wines in both domestic and international markets. As a result, more and more consumers are paying attention to and selecting Chinese wines. Chinese wines are boosting growing popularity and ProWine Shanghai is now a platform for not only overseas wine suppliers but also Chinese wine producers.”

The event wasn’t just a showcase of wines but also a platform for ongoing wine education. High-end masterclasses conducted by industry experts were a highlight, drawing over 2,000 visitors, reflecting ProWine Shanghai’s commitment to promoting sustainable development in China’s wine market.

“Many well-known overseas chateaus have joined the Chinese market through global exhibitions, high-end hotels, and fancy restaurants. They have virtually cultivated an increasing number of wine fanatics,” said LU Yang MS, “China now has its own wine production regions, making the market more diversified and focused on quality and ProWine Shanghai has played a significant role in this.”

ProWine Shanghai has evolved into more than just an exhibition; it has become a key driver in showcasing wine culture and propelling the industry’s advancement. As it prepares for its next edition scheduled on November 12-14, 2024, the fair looks forward to continuing its role in energizing China’s wine market and promoting the development of wine culture. For more information on the upcoming event, please visit

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