Domaines Ott* has obtained organic certification (pic: Domaines Ott*)

Domaines Ott* has obtained organic certification (pic: Domaines Ott*)

For the first time, a rosé producer has been awarded the much coveted Winery of the Year title by Wine Enthusiast.

Domaines Ott* was awarded the “European Winery of the Year” 2022 prize in San Francisco by the prestigious U.S. magazine Wine Enthusiast, which is the first time that this prize has been awarded to a a rosé producer.

Domaines Ott* leads the popularity of high-end Provencal Rosé around the world and is recognized for its three diverse production places which provide unique tastes for worldwide wine lovers. Moreover, the brand enjoys a stellar reputation for its non-chemical and non-human manipulation during the grape growing and wine production process. Earlier this year, the winery officially obtained France’s organic growing certification after successfully completing a herculean task of converting close to 300 hectares of vineyards into organic production.

The historic Château Romassan in Bandol, Clos Mireille, a former monastery in La Londe les Maures, and the windswept flagship property Château de Selle in Taradeau, are three properties for Domaines Ott* production. 

Domaines Ott* (pic: file image)

With respect to nature and certified with the highest level of HVE (High Environmental Value), the grapes that are used to produce the wines are grown in places that have no chemical inputs, since the creation of the Wine House in 1896. The high quality of raw materials and an authentic artisanal approach leads to a unique character and its high level of quality. 

“An infinite respect for nature and the gift it gives us along with constant care afforded to an exceptional terroir through precise, gentle, and well-measured work: this is the key to crafting fine wines and this is what motivates us every day,” said Jean-François Ott, Managing Director of Domaines Ott*.

Ranging from Étoile – the premium bottle of rosé which represents the best of all three lines to BY.OTT line, the more affordable range, all wines are well crafted and quality-focused. Moreover, half of the sources of  BY.OTT wines are from HVE-certified partners.

Founded in 1912 by Marcel Ott, a young agronomist who found viticultural inspiration in Provence, setting down the roots for Domaines Ott* to be directed by fourth-generation family member Jean-François Ott, who continued his forefather’s winemaking approach to this day: a gentle and sustainable viticulture using organic methods that have been certified since the 2022 vintage, coupled with growing methods inspired by biodynamics practices that go far beyond the specifications in force. Moreover, other than rosés, the three different estates of Domaines Ott* produce diverse wines including fine white and red wines. In 2004, the winery was bought by Louis Roederer.

The wines are available in Hong Kong and mainland China via Links Concept.

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