Wine imports in China in the first 11 months of 2020 suffered close to 30% drop. (pic: stock image)

Wine imports in China (pic: stock image)

Here are the top 10 wine exporters to China in 2021. All top wine suppling countries registered growth except for one.

No 3. Italy

Italy's flag (pic: file photo)
Italy’s flag (pic: file photo)

Italy ranked fourth among China’s largest wine suppliers in 2021. Good news for the largest wine exporter in the world is that it has expanded its market share in China to 9.78%.

The country’s wine exports to China increased by 43.72% to US$165 million. The average price per liter rose by 14.67% to US$5.14. Its export volume also expanded by 25.33% to 32 million liters.

Australia’s void in China’s wine market has provided a great opportunity for Italy to promote its wine to Chinese drinkers. Last year, Italy actively promoted its wine through roadshows, tastings events and wine fairs. 

While Australia has to endure the tariffs in about four more years, the dedication of the Italian government and wine merchants may push Italy to win over more market share in China in near future.

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