Women in wine in Hong Kong (pic: Vino Joy News)

Women in wine in Hong Kong (pic: Vino Joy News)

Meet the 10 most powerful women in Hong Kong's multi-billion wine industry, whose influence shapes local wine scene and far beyond.

Mandy Chan

Co-founder of Ginsberg + Chan 

Mandy Chan, co-founder of Ginsberg + Chan (pic: Mandy Chan)
Mandy Chan, co-founder of Ginsberg + Chan (pic: Mandy Chan)

Half of the powerful duo in Hong Kong’s fine wine industry, Mandy Chan together with her husband Jason Ginsberg has built a well-respected and internationally awarded fine wine merchant in the Asian wine hub.  

Born and raised in Canada, Chan in 2010 left her career as a software developer to come to Hong Kong, which had just eliminated taxes on wine two years ago, ushering in a golden age of wine boom. 

Her natural business instincts learned from her entrepreneurial father had proved to be indispensable in setting up her business in the city. Having worked for large and small companies in retail, finance, software, property, and wine, Chan quickly put her experiences to use and set up the company with her husband within the same year. 

Today, Ginsberg + Chan boasts some of the most enviable wine names and collections in the region. 

Naming the business after themselves, the duo set out to create a wine business that reflected how they would want to shop for wines. A place where wine lovers can buy from a broad wine list that carries benchmark wines, a place to find vintages to reference time & time again, as well as a place where shoppers will find fresh new discoveries waiting to surprise.

Chan is also an experienced wine judge and an educated wine authenticator. Her knowledge of fine wine is particularly focussed in Burgundy where her and her husband have a home.  She is the mother of two and is passionate about women’s issues, mental health and creating a family business that does her family proud. 

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  1. I must commend Debra for setting up WineSpit which helped educate the wine industry in Hong Kong, she gives back to the Industry selflessly time and time again.

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