Chinse wine changyu (pic: Changyu)

Chinse wine changyu (pic: Changyu)

We have rounded up some of the most expensive Chinese wines ever produced. One even set a record price of the most expensive Chinese wine ever sold at RMB 50,000.

Chateau SunGod GreatWall 2008 Reserve Limited Release

Chateau SunGod (pic: GreatWall)
Chateau SunGod (pic: GreatWall)

Price: RMB 28,000 (USD 4,343) 

Region: Hebei

The wine is produced by Chateau SunGod GreatWall, owned by COFCO, a state-owned company and China’s largest food processing holding company. 

Established in 1979, the chateau was recognized as a national level wine research base by the state and the birthplace of China’s first dry wine. 

The 2008 edition was born out of a seven year production and was made with Cabernet Sauvignon grown from 30-year-old vines. Then it was aged in new French oak bottles for 22 months before bottling. 

The wine bottle was handcrafted by 100-year-old renowned Italian design company VENNI which recently teamed up with Versace for a 100th-anniversary glass vase capsule collection. Produced with three layers of crystal and a hundred steps of procedure, the bottle is shaped with inspiration from the iconic Beijing National Stadium, Bird’s Nest.

The final price then came to a staggering RMB 28,000 (USD 4,343) a bottle. 

The wine is specially made for 2008 Beijing Olympics, and only 2,008 bottles were produced and gifted to VIP guests at the games. It is now a permanent collection of the Chinese Olympic Committee, according to the winery. 

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