Chinse wine changyu (pic: Changyu)

Chinse wine changyu (pic: Changyu)

We have rounded up some of the most expensive Chinese wines ever produced. One even set a record price of the most expensive Chinese wine ever sold at RMB 50,000.

Chateau Mogao Golden Knight SCJQ1099

Chateau Mogao Golden Knights (pic: Chateau Mogao)
Chateau Mogao Golden Knights (pic: Chateau Mogao)

Price: RMB 11,800 (USD 1,830)

Region: Gansu 

Backed by Gansu Mogao Industrial Development, Mogao winery has produced wine in Wuwei, Gansu in northwestern China since 1983 and now has the largest vineyard size of 1,300 hectares in Gansu. 

Different from most Chinese wineries that focus on Bordeaux varietals, the Gansu winery turned to Pinot family. Its Golden Knight SCJQ1099 is made with Pinot Noir, but this wine will make Burgundy grand cru looks cheap. 

It retails for a whopping price of RMB 11,800 (USD 1,830), the equivalent of three bottles of Burgundy’s grand cru monopole ‘Clos de Tart’. 

Information on the wine otherwise is scarce on its website. 

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