Ningxia (picture: Silver Heights)

Ningxia wine region (pic: Silver Heights)

Ningxia, China’s premier wine region in northwestern China, has announced the latest additions to its winery classification system, expanding its second growths but with top tier still conspicuously void of any names.

Judging criteria:

  • The winery’s viticulture and cellar should be managed by a single, integrated team
  • Wine production from fermentation, ageing to bottling should be completed within the estate
  • Wineries should also have some tourist and hospitality facilities.
  • All the grapes must be stately grown and from vines at least five years old.
  • Varietal purity in vineyard should be 90% or above; production volume should be controlled within 500kg per mu without significant vintage variation.
  • Quality consistency
  • Stable distribution network and market
Ningxia wine classification system (picture: Vino Joy News)
Ningxia wine classification system (picture: Vino Joy News)

First growth: None.

Second growths: Zhihui Yuanshi, Helan Qingxue, Chateau Bacchus, Chateau Yuquan, Chateau Hedong, Legacy Peak, Lisi Winery, Chateau Lilan and Kanaan Winery.  

Third growths: Chateau Chengcheng, Chateau Mihope, Pernod Ricard’s Helan Mountain, Domaine Monluxe, Chateau Yuange, Chateau Lanny, Chateau Miqin, Ho-Lan Soul, Chateau Baoshi, Domaine Pushang, Xinniu Winery, Chateau Lansai, Huida Chngreat, Holly Fun, Sea Rhyme

Fourth growths: Chateau Yuhuang, Chateau St. Louis Ding, Chateau GreatWall Terroir, Chateau Changyu Moser XV, Sen Miao Orchid Moon Valley Winery, Emperial Horse Winery, Jinshawan Winery, Wega Winery, Xige Winery, Chateau Huahao, Chateau Copower Jade, Chateau Walphon, D.F. Yuxing Winery, Baoyuan Dadi Winery, Chateau New Qin Heyu, Chateau Luoshan, Yangyang International Winery and Lux Regis Winery.

Fifth growths: NWF Tiande Winery,Xinhuibin Winery, Pink Carrin Winery, Renyiyuan Winery, Jade Vineyard, Rong Yuan Mei Winery, Domaine Charme, Chateau Lion, Xiyu Wangquan Winery, Chateau Mobei, Roland Margo, Hequan Winery, Castaly and Luzhefei Winery

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