Chablis in Hong Kong

Chablis in Hong Kong (pic: BIVB)

Riding on the back of Chablis' growing exports in Hong Kong, a month-long campaign to promote Bourgogne's northern-most wine region will kick off next month.

France’s iconic Chablis wine region is cheering the summer sunshine with a showcasing the popular zesty white wine for all uniquely Hong Kong occasions in a month-long campaign to promote Burgundy’s northern-most wine region.

“Rejoice Summer Spirits with Chablis in Hong Kong” campaign from 1 – 30 June, 2021 now celebrates the pride of Bourgogne’s northern-most wine region as a joyous companion to any small unique Hong Kong gatherings – from dai pai dong cafes and yum cha dim sum to elegant outdoor lunches, garden BBQs, weddings or boat trips.

Growing popularity of Chablis in Hong Kong is underlined by latest 2020 exports of most affordable Petit Chablis and Chablis rising 4.4% by volume and 10% by sales, despite setbacks particularly in the restaurant wine market from both social unrest and the Covid pandemic.

The surge of these two appellations continued over the first two months of 2021, soaring 49.6% by volume and 73.8% by sales.

Chablis in Hong Kong (pic: BIVB)
Chablis in Hong Kong at the Peak (pic: BIVB)

“The crispy minerality and pure, elegant finesse of Chablis is a bright shining symbol of sunshine beloved in Hong Kong, especially in summer seasons,” said Jean-François Bordet, President of the Chablis Commission of Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB). “As booming popularity, Chablis is firmly rooted in Hong Kong as a best companion for everyday enjoyment and socialising.”

In the wake of International Chardonnay Day on 27 May 2021, the month-long promotion is across Hong Kong in 25 wine shops and 18 online stores, including Burgundy etc, Corney & Barrow, Cuvées, Enoteca, GDV Fine Wines, Grand Wine Cellar, House of Connoisseur Limited, Kerry Wines, L’Imperatrice, Links Concept, Omtis Fine Wines, ORD Fine Wines Group, Ponti Wine Cellars, Rare & Fine Wines, Red Wine Village, The Wine Guild, Toast for Wine, Wine Shop Asia and Wine Warrior.

The summer showcase embraces all appellation of Chablis – from easy-drinking Petit Chablis and signature Chablis, which together account for nearly three-quarters of the Chablis market in Hong Kong, to most prestigious Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru

Chablis served at a Dai Pai Dang, Hong Kong's famous roadside restaurant (pic: BIVB)
Chablis served at a Dai Pai Dang, Hong Kong’s famous roadside restaurant (pic: BIVB)

Among light, bright Petit Chablis especially recommended by BIVB for a casual yet relaxing dinner over ‘dai pai dong’, literally means “big licence stall”, embracing Hong Kong’s iconic wok-fried dishes. Petit Chablis, 2019, Domaine Louis Moreau is lively and light with a fresh, pleasant roundness from aromas of white flowers and citrus notes. Attractively coloured white gold, young and lively Petit Chablis, 2017, Domaine Billaud-Simon is fresh and delicate with plenty of character and bright aromas of lemon and white flower – a perfect companion over a game of Chinese chess in Kowloon Park.

Traditional Chablis vintages are a glorious pairing with typical Chinese dim sum in Hong Kong’s signature tea house, for example Chablis Bas de Chapelot, 2018, Domaine Eleni et Edouard Vocoret, a crisp, refreshing single-vineyard Chablis from one of the region’s most exciting up-and-coming producers, with aromas of peaches, waxy lemon rind, smoke and oyster shell. Chablis, 2018, Clotilde Davenne, is powerful, dry and elegant, textured with ripe white fruit, mango and quince flavours, and aromas of citrus, mango, pear and almond – complements a joyous seafood dinner at a fishing village with over half a century of history.

At the top end, for refined Chinese dining, boating or garden party occasions, Chablis Premier Cru, Montée de Tonnerre, 2016, La Chablisienne is elegantly pale gold and succulent with intriguing notes of citrus and sweet spices. Chablis Premier Cru, Beauroy, 2018, Domaine Alain Geoffroy is delightfully smooth and fresh with light minerality, creamy texture and fruity floral notes – perfect for a harbour junk cruise during sunset time on the renowned Victoria Harbour.

Chablis with dim sum for Yum Cha (pic: BIVB)
Chablis with dim sum for Yum Cha (pic: BIVB)

Chablis Grand Cru, Les Clos, 2018, Maison Simonnet-Febvre is uniquely characterful, with a complex nose of exotic fruits, hazelnuts and vanilla that develops exceptionally with ageing – the ultimate celebration for reaching The Peak of Hong Kong with a glorious dinner.

Chablis stands head and shoulders above its Chardonnay cousins elsewhere with signature crisp minerality from chalky subsoil rich in marine fossil deposits dating back 150 million years to the Kimmeridgian geological period, when the legendary plateau was under a warm, shallow sea. The imprint of this terroir is Chardonnay of distinctive purity, with the region’s naturally cool climate promoting expression of minerality with unique zesty freshness, uncompromised by overly mature grape flavours.

“Chablis reflects its environment like nowhere else on earth, where Chardonnay becomes Chablis, embodied with finesse, elegance and expressiveness,” added Jean-François Bordet, “Chablis is a crystal-clear expression of its terroir, with minerality its enigmatic symbol.”

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