We have rounded up top "bullish" wines from France, Italy, Spain and Australia to ring in upcoming Chinese Year of Ox.

Avignonesi Desiderio

Over the years, Desiderio has changed its labels a few times but each time the white bull is still the center. (Pic: Avignonesi)

The famous Italian red wine with a white bull might be the most on-the-nose choice for Chinese drinkers who are looking for bovine related bottles to ring in the Year of Ox. This red wine from Avignonesi, Italy’s biggest biodynamic winery in Tuscany’s Montepulciano, pays tribute to the region’s majestic white bull called Desiderio, meaning “desire” in Italian.

The bull reportedly lived on Avignonesi’s Capezzine farm more than one hundred years ago. The largest bull in Tuscany at that time, this majestic animal helped define the Chianina cattle race, specific to the Bistecca Fiorentina. It’s also one of the oldest breeds of cattle in existence dating back to over 2,000 years, and is known for its sweet temperament, resistance to heat.

Therefore, the winery decided to dedicate the 100% Merlot wine to the bull. The latest vintage on the market is 2017, and 2016 vintage is available in Hong Kong through Watson’s Wine.

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