WINWSA has announced its 2022 List of Excellence (pic: handout)

WINWSA has announced its 2022 List of Excellence (pic: handout)

Women in Wine & Spirits Awards (WINWSA) has released its “50 List of Influence” for the year of 2022, applauding influential women in the alcoholic beverage industry specializing in fields ranging from viticulture and education to marketing and sales.

The 50 nominees come from 19 different countries and regions and the list is whittled down from 120 candidates from 24 different countries. The full list can be viewed here.

They will ultimately view for the final WINWSA awards, which will be announced towards the end of 2022.

As the first exclusive award for women in the wine and spirits business, WINWSA aims to bring recognition to outstanding female who have not only achieved personal success but also made contributions to the industry.

This year, WINWSA continues to advocate for internal and multidisciplinary collaborations by expanding partners and deepening existing relationships. It received supports from many wine and spirits organizations in different regions and countries.

WINWSA has announced its 2022 List of Excellence (pic: handout)
WINWSA has announced its 2022’s 50 List of Influence (pic: handout)

Meanwhile, the 2022 judging panel has a more diverse lineup of 40 industry experts hailing from 9 different countries. They specialize in fields including the drink business, media, investments and the luxury industry, assuring more voices to be heard during the final assessments. 

This year, WINWSA will hand out 15 awards from seven categories which include production of wine and spirits, wine and spirits business, media and publishing, consumption services of wine and spirits, education of wine and spirits, as well as marketing and promotion. The Vision Award is a special annual award given to outstanding female who have made exceptional contributions to sustainability in the wine and spirits industry. 

Through global nomination, application, information review, and panel grading, the remaining 50 nominees enter a final round of anonymous voting. Each award will have 1 awardee and the results of all 15 awards will be announced by the end of 2022.

In late December, together with industry and academic experts, WINWSA will also host a webinar on the influence of extreme climate on viticulture and wine production.

Based in China, the WINWSA committee has always emphasized on the global vision of its award. WINWSA hopes to build a platform supporting growth of women in the wine and spirits industry through international communications and multidisciplinary collaborations. With the decreasing bans and restrictions on international travels, we expect more frequent global interactions in the coming year. WINWSA will stand firm to its founding philosophy and at the same time achieve more breakthroughs in 2023.

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