Winners of WINWSA 2021 (pic: WINWSA)

Winners of WINWSA 2021 (pic: WINWSA)

From Cristina Mariani-May, CEO of Italy's wine giant Banfi to Laura Catena of Argentina's Catena Zapata and influential wine writers, here are the final winners of 2021 Women in Wine & Spirits Awards (WINWSA).

Eighteen women from 12 countries and regions have emerged out of 50 nominations to become the final winners of the second edition of Women in Wine & Spirits Awards (WINWSA), an award to recognize aspiring women in the global beverage industry. the organizer has announced.

The  results were judged from the Top 50 List after final voting from judging panelists of more than 40 experts  Being only the second edition, WINWSA received more than 130 nominations from 28 countries, which was an increase from the 110 submissions in its previous edition.

The nominees are contributors in various industries inclusive of viticulture, hospitality, distillery, education, design and packaging, and media and communications. According to WINWSA, the 2021 edition’s entities saw a growth in less well-known wine regions and green-minded companies or projects, which impressed the judges as they reflect the rapid evolution in the wine & spirits business.  

Before winning the award, the nominees were first selected on the “50 List of Influence” based on four criteria set up by the awards committee, which are insightfulness and professional accomplishment, impact, contribution and vision. On top of their capability and influence, they were also assessed on their commitment to social responsibility.

Then, the top 3 finalists of each category were scored and judged for seven Areas and 18 categories, including Winemaker of the Year, Sommelier of the Year, Educator Award, Tourism program award and Writer award.

Here is the full WWS List of Excellence 2021:

  1. Viticulturist of the year: Catherine Kidman – Wynns Coonawarra Estate, Australia
  2. Winemaker of the year: Maria Vargas – Marques de Murrieta, Spain
  3. Master blender of the year: Rachel Barrie – The Glendronach, UK
  4. F&B concept award: Elisabete Fernandes – The Yeatman, Portugal
  5. Channel award: Xiaorong Luo – New Foison, China
  6. Sommelier of the year: Jane Lopes – Attica, Australia 
  7. Mixologist of the year: Monica Berg – P&T+Elementary, UK
  8. Educator Award: Cathy Van Zyl – Global Women of Wine, South Africa 
  9. CSR practice award: Laura Catena – Catena Zapata, Argentina
  10. Publishing media award: Lisa Granik – MW, Author, USA
  11. Social media award: Natalie Wang – Vino Joy News, HK China
  12. Writer award: Anne Krebiehl – The Wines of Germany, Germany
  13. Product concept award: Kerry Harrison – Tiny Giant, UK
  14. VI and packaging design award: Aya Codama – BULLET Inc., Japan
  15. Marketing award: Tracy Kwan – Pernod Ricard Asia, HK China
  16. Ambassadorship award: Monica Zhou – Spanish Cherry, China
  17. Tourism program award: Cecile Hitier – Pernod Ricard Asia, HK China
  18. Visionary award: Sustainability: Cristina Mariani-May – Banfi Vintners, Italy

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