Prosecco (pic: iStock)

Prosecco (pic: iStock)

Prosecco has catapulted Italian sparkling wines and its popularity has no bounds, but there’s more to Italian fizzy wines than the foamy bubble. Here are the best sparkling wines you can find in Hong Kong at Vino Condiviso Bollicine event.

Rest of Italy:  Campania, Sicilia, Sardegna, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Le Marche and more

There are more exciting sparkling wines to discover in Italy (pic: iStock)
There are more exciting sparkling wines to discover in Italy (pic: iStock)

In Campania, DUBL was born from the desire of the region’s pioneering winemaker Feudi di San Gregorio, who experimented the Metodo Classico on native Campania grapes. The consultant of these wines is none other than Champagne’s iconic winemaker Anselme Selosse from Champagne Jacque Selosse himself.

NV Feudi di San Gregorio DUBL Brut (17A, Sino Vantage Asia, HKD 225)

Grape: 100% Falanghina

Winemaking: Metodo Classico, aged 18 months on lees.

In Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, sparkling wines are made from local Ribolla Gialla grape, which is famous for skin-contacted orange wines, but more producers are also experimenting with sparkling wine production.

NV Poggiobello Ribolla Gialla (9C, Ellermann, $220)

Grape: Ribolla Gialla

Winemaking: Metodo Martinotti, placed in autoclave for 12 months, 10 g/l dosage.

In Le Marche region, Verdicchio is one of Italy’s greatest native white grape varieties and the country’s answer to Riesling. Aside from age-worthy white wines, local producers like Pievalta are making exciting Metodo Classico sparkling wines out of the grape.

NV Pievalta Perlugo Dossaggio Zero (4C, Certa Platform)

Grape: Verdicchio

Winemaking: Metodo Classico, aged on lees for 24 months, zero dosage.

In Italy’s romantic Sardegna island, local white grapes like Torbato is a star of the sparkling wine production there. The grape is grown since ancient times in the area of Alghero. It has very delicate aromas of yellow plums, pear, and hints of thyme and pistachio nuts.

2017 Sella & Mosca Oscari Brut (12B, Gelardini & Romani Wine Auction, HKD 588)

Grape: 100% Torbato

Winemaking: Metodo Classico, 12 months aging on lees, 3.5 g/l dosage.

In Sicilia, the most planted red grape in the region Nero d’Avola is also the primary grape for local sparkling wine production.

NV Principi di Butera Neroluce Brut (19D, Valdivia 1975, $155)

Grape: Nero d’Avola, Nero d’Avola is also called Calabrese and is the most planted red grape variety on Sicily.

Winemaking: Metodo Martinotti

There are more exciting wines worth your time and attention, be sure to try them all at Vino Condiviso Bellicine on December 4 at Paper Moon.

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